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06 Tips and Tricks Recommended by the Tapas Team for BEFORE Creating a New Series

I am getting ready to launch my webcomic Sugar Noire. However, there have been many times when I have gotten stuck on my creative journey, so I turned to the internet to find out a few ways to help me make the most of my launch.

01. Write a rough story outline

There are a few models you can follow for creating an outline. I use an episodic-geared blend of Save the Cat Writes a Novel by Jessica Brody and The 3 Acts: 9 Blocks: 27 Chapters Method by Katytastic. Using camp NaNoWriMo helps me write out my stories ahead of time.

02. Create Character Sheets or Descriptions

Character sheets are phenomenal tools! I enjoy creating character sheets. They are a great tool to go back and read and view content.

03. Keep it Simple (!!)

This is a tip that I found helpful. I LOVE complex storylines, and I love writing complex storylines. I still need help with writing and sticking to complex storylines. The same can be same for drawing. Over the years, my character's clothing has become more minimalistic unless I work on a more detailed piece.

04. Think about the management

The Tapas Team mentions being aware of your time when creating a story in the post. Just because you have a large block of time now (vacation, spring break) doesn't mean that time will always be there. This is also a trial that I struggle with. Sometimes I have significant periods to create; other times, I pinch pennies for time. Nowadays, I maintain a schedule and time block to efficiently manage my time.

05. Make a Buffer (!!)

When I first launched Thrall, I had a buffer. However, it was a small one. You run through your buffer quickly when releasing 2 Kindle Vellas at a time.

06. Have fun (!)

An oldie but goodie. It is essential to enjoy your work. If you do not put effort into your work, your audience will be able to tell. Taking pride in your work and taking breaks when needed is essential. Bringing your best to the table and providing quality content is crucial.

Remember to give the original post some love! You can find it here.

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