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How CourseCareers Helps Me Win The Day as a Creative Entrepreneur

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Winning the Day was first brought to my attention in Mark Batterson's Bester Seller "Win The Day". And though there are many great takeaways there, I needed to figure out how to apply them to my life in a tangible way. That all changed with CourseCareers.

CourseCareers is an affordable online course that teaches its students all they need to know to land and perform in an entry-level position in fields such as IT, Tech Sales, and Digital Marketing.

If you follow my OmanahLand Blog, you know that I have set a few personal finance goals, and for each of them, I have decided to pick up a side hustle in sales. I signed up for the CourseCareers Introductory Course in Tech Sales to preparing. I found so much value there that I purchased the course, and though I had many doubts, they have all dried up.

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So, how CourseCareers helping me Win The Day as a Creative Entrepreneur exactly? Well, I'm glad you asked. As a creative entrepreneur, a big part of what I do is create; however, staying motivated and comparing my efforts with their results can become muddy information.

In the Success Habits sections of the Tech CourseCareers Course. I was reintroduced to the concept of winning the Day by instructor Trent. In the course, Trent details how to be more intentional about your Day and ensure the habits you create work to propel you toward your goals.

As a content creator, I often find myself stuck in a cycle of planning and never producing. With the skills and strategies Trent shares in CourseCareers, not only have I been able to set realistic goals for myself, but I have learned how to effectively document my efforts so that I can gauge my success.

Putting It Into Action

How am I applying what I learned about Winning the Day in CourseCareers to my efforts as a Creative Entrepreneur?

Goal Setting

The first quarter was rough got me. I needed to reach the goals I planned to go. I carved out time to revisit the goals I had previously set and think about where I am, where I want to be, and how I will get there. This led to much personal reflection and recognition of some hard personal revelations. This, though, will make me a better creator.

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With the skills I have acquired from CourseCareers, I have created several workflows that assist me daily. One of the most critical workflows I have created for myself is the one I use during my "Dream Seeker Time". Since my goal in life is to become a full-time Creative entrepreneur. I have blocked off a 3-hour window in my Day where I work towards that goal. Since this time is short and precious, I must be more meticulous about what and how this block is best used to meet my needs.

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This has to be one of the most essential skills I have learned thus far from CourseCareers! The tracking and gamification of my habits have been game-changers. Not only have I been able to apply these strategies to my Dream Seeker Time, but I have been able to incorporate them into my parenting as well.


Through tracking my habits and productivity, I can refer back to my goals and see where I am, what I am doing, and where that places me concerning my goals. This allows me to keep tangible data points that I can match up with my reports from my webcomics, books, and blog stats; thus providing me with the tools I need to make my goals a reality.


As of writing this post, I am only 40% through the course. However, through the skills I have obtained through CourseCareers, I have improved so many areas of my life, and I am thrilled.

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