Goodreads Reading Challenge 2023

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Creator Notes 001

I created a TikTok yesterday! I was so proud of my progress with the last writing Sprint I completed for Thrall (where I wrote 4192 words in a super productive session 😜). I just had to! I am hoping to keep the momentum going strong.

Over the weekend, I created a few more personal goals for myself and kindle vella, with a few more projects in the works. Making for a Project 3✨ for the year 📅!

Another update 🆕, I have been working on keeping up with my goals and planning. I hope to post a youtube video soon, so I have been recording videos for it. Good work comes with practice, so I will give it the old college try!

For the 4th Project 🚧 I have going this year, I am still considering the best delivery method for it. I am excited about this project and hope to complete it by the end of this quarter.

Finally, I want to dedicate one day a week 📅 to creating digital assets for my Sakoiyah Blog 📝. I would like to switch out my blog banners.

As always, thank you for joining me on my creative entrepreneurship journey! Remember to like, comment, and share. Also, follow my socials and check out Thrall on Kindle Vella, the 1st three episodes are always free!

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