Goodreads Reading Challenge 2023

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Checking In With My Creative Bucket List for 2023

Looking back on my Creative Bucket List for 2023, I've decided to do a check-in to share my progression thus far. I am farther than I would like to be. The ball is rolling and gaining momentum; I'm here for the ride.

01. Have 14,000 Followers across Social Media Platforms

02. Post 52 YouTube Videos

03. Blog Consistently (Average 2 a week)

I have been averaging about one post every other week. By the end of the year, I plan to have 104 Blogs. Posts, with each averaging about 600 Words.

04. Study at least 5 Old Masters (Rembrandt, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Bernini, Caravaggio, Raphael)

05. Create and maintain an ongoing webcomic

06. Improve Animation Skills


07. Grow Facebook Drawing Group


08. Further Develop Drawing Style

09. Further Improve Writing Style

10. Write a Novella


11. Write a Kindle Vella

Read Thrall on Kindle Vella!


12. Create 12 Prints (One a Month)

13. Watch 50 Anime

I have been doing well getting back into watching anime. I plan on creating a running list in the future.

14. Read 48 Manga (4 a month)

I have also been reading and planning to create a running list.

15. Complete 5 Drawing Courses

16. Fill an entire sketchbook


17. Have art Printed on a Shirt


18. Learn 52 new art techniques


19. Complete a Meet The Artist Post


20. Complete the 100 Themes Challenge

21. Complete Inktober

22. Post Regularly on TikTok and Instagram

23. Improve Color Theory Skills


24. Live Stream Drawing Sessions

25. Learn Color Psychology

26. Increase Art History Knowledge

27. Gain more creative friends / Become more active in the art community

28. Create Passive Income from Art

29. Document the Art Journey and Share it Online

My Sakoiyah Blog is picking up. I am excited to share my growth!

30. Follow Dreams of Becoming the Next Walt Disney

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