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Vlogging Writing Prompts | Inspiring Creativity on National Vlogging Day

Celebrated on August 10, National Vlogging Day celebrates the ever-evolving world of video blogging. On this particular day, vloggers from around the globe come together to showcase their creativity, share their stories, and inspire others. You've come to the right place if you're a vlogger looking for fresh ideas and inspiration. This blog post has compiled a list of vlogging writing prompts to help spark your creativity and take your vlogs to new heights.


1. Behind the Scenes

Take your viewers on a journey behind the scenes of your vlogging process. Show them the planning, brainstorming, and editing for creating your vlogs. Discuss the challenges you face and the strategies you use to overcome them.


2. A Day in the Life

Capture a typical day and present it in an engaging vlog format. Share your morning routine, work or school activities, and what makes your day unique. This prompt lets your viewers connect with you and glimpse your world.


3. Exploring New Places

As you explore a new city, town, or even a hidden gem in your neighborhood, take your viewers on an adventure. Show them the sights, sounds, and experiences of the place you're visiting. This prompt showcases your vlogging skills and encourages others to go out and discover new places.


4. Sharing Your Passion

Share your passion for a particular hobby or interest through your vlog. Whether it's cooking, photography, fashion, or gaming, create a vlog highlighting your expertise and enthusiasm. Share tips, tricks, and tutorials to inspire others with the same passion.


5. Interviews and Collaborations

Collaborate with fellow vloggers or individuals who inspire you. Conduct interviews, discussions, or even challenges together. This prompt allows you to tap into new perspectives, learn from others, and create engaging content that benefits you and your audience.


6. Personal Growth Journey

 Document your growth journey through vlogging. Share your goals, challenges, and steps to become the best version of yourself. This prompt encourages self-reflection and inspires and motivates your viewers to embark on their journeys of self-improvement.


7. Cause or Charity Spotlight

 Use your vlog to raise awareness about a cause or charity you're passionate about. Share the stories of individuals or organizations making a difference and inspire your viewers to get involved. This prompt allows you to use your vlogging platform to impact the world positively.


8. Q&A Session

 Engage with your viewers by hosting a Q&A session. Please encourage them to ask questions about your vlogging journey, personal life, or any topic of interest. This prompt fosters a sense of community and allows your viewers to feel more connected to you.



National Vlogging Day is a beautiful opportunity to celebrate the art of vlogging and inspire creativity within the community. These writing prompts are designed to ignite your imagination, challenge your skills, and engage your viewers in new and exciting ways. So, grab your camera, unleash your creativity, and let these prompts guide you on a captivating vlogging journey. Remember the endless possibilities; the world is waiting to see what you must share. Happy vlogging!

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