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My Third Quarter Goals for 2023

The 3rd Quarter of 2023 is here, and time has flown by. I have spent a great deal of my time working on content for this blog, so I'll open this post by celebrating some wins I have had over the past few quarters!


    I reached goals for my Kindle Vella "Thrall."


    I have written and published/scheduled 114 blog posts for this blog.


    I have created outlines for the 1st Arcs of Thrall and Project 2


    I have Titled Project 2 "The Demon Lord's Lover."


    I have established a steady routine for my Sakoiyah Blog Content Creation.


    I have established a steady blogging schedule, posting every Tues, Wednesday, and Thursday.


Though I did not meet all of my "My Creative Goals for April 2023", I am excited about the process that I have made. In this blog post, I'll share my Goals for Q3 of 2023 as well as an action plan to fulfill them.



Third Quarter Creative Goals for 2023


Webcomic Goals | Sugar Noire


1. Increase the Subscriber Base

   - Aim to gain a specific number of new subscribers by the end of the quarter.

   - Implement strategies like social media promotion, guest posts, or collaborations to attract more readers.

   - Offer incentives, such as exclusive content or giveaways, to encourage subscription.


2. Improve Engagement

   - Increase my webcomic posts' comments, likes, shares, or interactions.

   - Actively engage with my audience by responding to comments and starting conversations.

   - To boost Engagement, experiment with interactive features like polls or quizzes.


3. Enhance Visual Quality

   - Set a goal to improve the overall visual quality of my webcomic.

   - Refine my art style, character designs, or panel layouts.

   - Seek feedback from my audience or fellow artists to identify areas for improvement.


4. Consistent Publishing Schedule

   - Establish a regular publishing schedule for my webcomic and stick to it.

   - Set a goal to release several new webcomic episodes during the quarter.

   - Use scheduling tools or create a buffer of completed episodes to avoid missing deadlines.


Writing Blog Goals | Sakoiyah Blog


1. Increase Traffic and Readership

   - Set a goal to increase the number of monthly visitors to my writing blog.

   - Optimize my blog for search engines using relevant keywords and meta tags.

   - Share my blog posts on social media platforms and engage with writing communities.


2. Publish High-Quality Content

   - Aim to publish a specific number of well-researched, informative, or entertaining blog posts.

   - Plan and create a content calendar to ensure consistency.

   - Include visually appealing elements, such as images or infographics, to enhance the reader experience.


3. Expand Reader Engagement

   - Encourage reader interaction by adding comment sections and responding to comments promptly.

   - Consider hosting contests, challenges, or writing prompts to encourage participation.

   - Explore creating a community or forum for readers to discuss writing-related topics.



July Creator Goals for 2023


1. Webcomic Goals

   - Create and publish a new webcomic episode or page each week.

   - Increase my social media presence by posting regular updates and engaging with my audience.

   - Collaborate with other webcomic creators or artists for a guest episode or crossover event.

   - Experiment with different art styles or storytelling techniques to keep my content fresh.

   - Explore new platforms or communities to share my webcomic and attract new readers.


2. Writing Blog Goals

   - Publish a blog post at least 3 times weekly to maintain a consistent schedule.

   - Brainstorm and outline a series of blog posts with a common theme or topic to create a mini-series.

   - Engage with my readers by responding to comments and encouraging discussions.

   - Research and write an in-depth article on a topic relevant to my blog's niche.

   - Collaborate with other bloggers or guest writers to bring fresh perspectives to my blog.


3. Cross-Promotion Goals

   - Cross-promote my webcomic and writing blog by including links or references to each other's content.

   - Create engaging social media posts highlighting my webcomic and blog, encouraging my audience to check out both.

   - Offer exclusive content or behind-the-scenes glimpses to followers who engage with my webcomic and writing blog.

   - Consider creating a newsletter or mailing list to update subscribers about new webcomic episodes and blog posts.


July Kindle Vella Goals for 2023 | Thrall

Kindle Vella is a platform for publishing serialized stories, and setting goals for my writing on Kindle Vella can help me stay focused and productive. Here are some July goals specifically for Kindle Vella in 2023:


1. Serialization Goals

   - Plan and outline a new serialized story to publish on Kindle Vella.

   - Determine the length and pacing of my episodes, ensuring they are engaging and leave readers wanting more.

   - Publish a new episode at least once a week to maintain a consistent schedule and keep readers engaged.

   - Experiment with cliffhangers or other storytelling techniques to create anticipation for the next episode.

   - Consider collecting reader feedback and adjusting my story or episodes based on their preferences.


2. Marketing and Promotion Goals

   - Develop a marketing strategy to increase visibility and attract readers to my Kindle Vella story.

   - Utilize social media platforms to promote my story and engage with potential readers.

   - Collaborate with other Kindle Vella authors for cross-promotion or joint marketing initiatives.

   - Participate in Kindle Vella community forums or groups to connect with fellow authors and readers.

   - Consider offering limited-time promotions or special offers to incentivize readers to check out my story.


3. Reader Engagement Goals

   - Respond to reader comments and engage with my audience regularly.

   - Encourage readers to leave reviews and ratings for my episodes, which can help attract more readers.

   - To foster reader engagement, consider running contests, giveaways, or interactive events related to my Kindle Vella story.

   - Develop a reader newsletter or mailing list to update subscribers on new episodes and behind-the-scenes insights.

   - Pay attention to reader analytics and feedback to understand what aspects of my story resonate with my audience.


Remember to make my goals specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART goals). Adapt these goals to align with my unique story and writing style. Good luck with my Kindle Vella goals in July 2023!


July Webcomic Goals for 2023 | Sugar Noire


1. Regular Updates

   - Commit to a consistent update schedule for my webcomic, whether daily, weekly, or bi-weekly.

   - Publish several webcomic episodes throughout the month, ensuring my readers have new content to enjoy.

   - Plan and create a buffer of episodes to stay ahead of schedule, allowing for unforeseen circumstances or breaks.


2. Story Development

   - Advance the plot of my webcomic by introducing new storylines, conflicts, or character developments.

   - Work on refining the pacing and flow of my narrative, ensuring each episode leaves readers intrigued and eager for the next installment.

   - Consider incorporating reader feedback or suggestions to make the story more engaging.


3. Artistic Growth

   - Experiment with new art styles, techniques, or panel layouts to keep my visuals fresh and exciting.

   - Focus on improving specific artistic skills, such as character design, perspective, or background details.

   - Seek feedback from other artists or webcomic creators to gain insights and perspectives on my artwork.


4. Community Engagement

   - Interact with my readers by responding to comments, messages, or emails in a timely and friendly manner.

   - Encourage reader participation by hosting contests, Q&A sessions, or polls related to my webcomic.

   - Collaborate with other webcomic creators through guest episodes, crossovers, or shared promotions to expand my audience.


5. Promotion and Marketing

   - Utilize social media platforms to promote my webcomic and engage with potential readers.

   - Create eye-catching promotional graphics or teasers to generate interest in my webcomic.

   - Explore collaborations with influencers or bloggers who share a similar target audience. 

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