Goodreads Reading Challenge 2023

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NaNoWriMo Check-In Week #1

This week has been challenging. The entire house has been alternating between states of being busy and outright sick. It hasn't been easy, though I feel terrible. I still want to see how many words I can get in, so I will try and get in a sprint or two to help catch up.

Goal Word Count 11,669

Actual Word Count 1,578

Behind 10,091

I have been using my Creative Visualization for Writers Guided Journal by Nina Amir and my Preptober Planner by Sarra Cannon to get me back on track. Before I start my sprint. I plan to brainstorm using the Guided Journal and then plan out the upcoming week based on the progress that I have made thus far.

Next week, I plan to have a word count of 25,000 words written and 4 new episodes published with an average word count of 1,000 words per attack.

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