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100+ July Engaging Social Media Ideas for Authors

This blog post is about engaging Social Media Ideas for Authors.

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This blog post is about engaging Social Media Ideas for Authors.

July is a fantastic month for authors to engage with their audience, promote their books, and share their writing journey. Here are 100+ social media ideas to keep your feed fresh and engaging throughout the month.


Weekly Themes

Motivation Mondays: Share your writing goals and tips.

Writing Prompt Tuesdays: Post a writing prompt and ask followers to share their responses.

Work-in-Progress Wednesdays: Give sneak peeks of your current project.

Throwback Thursdays: Share past writing milestones or favorite quotes from your books.

Fan Fridays: Highlight fan art, reviews, or reader testimonials.


Daily Posts

Day 1: July 4th Celebrations: Share a patriotic quote or scene from your book.

Day 2: Writing Tip: Offer a writing tip that helped you.

Day 3: Book Recommendation: Recommend a summer read.

Day 4: Behind the Scenes: Share your writing space.

Day 5: Character Spotlight: Introduce a character from your book.

Day 6: Favorite Writing Tool: Talk about your favorite writing tool or software.

Day 7: Author Q&A: Answer questions from your followers.

Day 8: Fan Art: Share fan art related to your book.

Day 9: Writing Playlist: Share your writing playlist or favorite song to write to.

Day 10: Book Excerpt: Post an excerpt from your book.

Day 11: Writing Challenge: Challenge your followers to a 100-word story.

Day 12: Reading Spot: Share a photo of your favorite reading spot.

Day 13: Writer's Block Tips: Give tips on overcoming writer's block.

Day 14: Favorite Bookstore: Post about your favorite local bookstore.

Day 15: Summer Writing Routine: Share your summer writing routine.

Day 16: Author Inspiration: Talk about an author who inspires you.

Day 17: Book Cover Reveal: Tease or reveal your book cover.

Day 18: Writing Workshop: Share insights from a recent writing workshop.

Day 19: Book Giveaway: Host a book giveaway.

Day 20: Writing Advice: Share the best writing advice you've received.

Day 21: Book Quote: Share a favorite quote from your book.

Day 22: Editing Tips: Offer tips for editing your manuscript.

Day 23: Writing Rituals: Talk about your writing rituals or habits.

Day 24: Character Interview: Conduct an interview with one of your characters.

Day 25: Fan Poll: Create a poll about a plot twist or character decision.

Day 26: Upcoming Events: Announce upcoming author events or book signings.

Day 27: Writing Milestones: Celebrate a writing milestone.

Day 28: Favorite Summer Read: Share your favorite summer read.

Day 29: Writing Journal: Show a page from your writing journal.

Day 30: Book Launch Plan: Discuss your book launch plan.

Day 31: Thank Your Readers: Post a thank you message to your readers.


Creative Content Ideas

Book Trailers: Create and share a book trailer.

Writing Challenges: Host a month-long writing challenge.

Live Readings: Go live and read a chapter from your book.

Collaborations: Collaborate with other authors for a joint giveaway.

Writing Timelapse: Share a timelapse video of your writing process.

Book Merch: Show off any book-related merchandise.

Writing Vlogs: Post a vlog about your writing journey.

Character Sketches: Share sketches or illustrations of your characters.

Quotes Graphics: Create graphics with quotes from your books.

Book Reviews: Review books from fellow authors.

Writing Exercises: Share writing exercises that help you.

Book Club: Start a virtual book club with your readers.

Writing Playlist: Create a playlist for your book or characters.

Storyboarding: Show your storyboarding process.

Beta Reader Feedback: Share feedback from beta readers.


Interactive Posts

Ask Me Anything: Host an AMA session.

Book Discussions: Initiate discussions about your book's themes.

Writing Advice Requests: Ask your followers for writing advice.

Reader Polls: Conduct polls about book cover designs.

Fan Theories: Encourage fans to share theories about your book.

Writing Prompts: Post writing prompts and feature the best responses.

Character Name Suggestions: Ask for suggestions on character names.

Book Dedication Ideas: Request ideas for book dedications.

Fan Fiction: Encourage fans to write fan fiction based on your book.

Book Title Ideas: Ask for help brainstorming book titles.


Seasonal Posts

Summer Reading Lists: Share your summer reading list.

Beach Reads: Recommend beach reads.

Summer Book Clubs: Promote summer book clubs.

July Holidays: Celebrate the July holidays with themed posts.

Vacation Writing: Talk about writing while on vacation.


Writing Progress Updates

Word Count Goals: Share your monthly word count goals.

Progress Updates: Regular updates on your writing progress.

Editing Progress: Discuss your editing process.

Publishing News: Announce any publishing news or deals.

Book Marketing Tips: Share book marketing strategies that work for you.


Personal Posts

Author Bio: Share your updated author bio.

Personal Stories: Talk about personal stories that inspire your writing.

Favorite Quotes: Share quotes that inspire you.

Writing Space: Show your writing space.

Daily Routine: Share your daily writing routine.


Final Thoughts

Using these, you'll keep your social media channels active, engage with your readers, and promote your work effectively throughout July. Use relevant hashtags and interact with your followers to build a solid, engaged community. Happy posting!

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